Booth Centre (Southampton)

We were contacted by HP contracts to investigate and carry out extensive stonework repairs to the portico at the Booth Centre, Salvation Army Hostel. Corrosion to the internal steel work was causing severe damage to the Portland stone along with structural concerns.

After consulting with structural engineers, it was decided that the corroded sections of steel work needed to be replaced along with the damaged surrounding stonework. This was a challenging project as the plan was to remove the frieze without any movement or damage to the cornice/upper stonework and columns.

Templates were taken of the existing frieze sections which were to be replaced and manufactured in our workshop from Jordan’s basebed – Portland Stone as per the existing mouldings. Once completed this was then delivered to site ready for the onsite work to begin.

The project was initiated by chain drilling out section of the existing stonework to allow for steel needles to be inserted to support the upper cornice. Once all the supports were in place and assessed by the structural engineer, the damage frieze sections could then be carefully removed and replaced with the new sections of stonework.