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A memorial to a loved one is a lasting tribute to a special person in a family’s life and we understand how upsetting it can be to see a stone in disrepair. We provide a service which is carried out by our highly skilled stonemasons where we are able to repair damaged inscriptions and subsiding graves as well as clean the stone to ensure the memorial remains the fitting tribute it was always intended to be.

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Our low cost maintenance service helps keep your memorial in the best possible condition. Stones are cleaned three times a year to prevent grime taking hold and a check over will reveal if any remedial work is required. If this is the case customers are advised and appropriate action recommended which will usually incur an additional cost.

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Working in conjunction with one of the UK’s top memorial insurance companies, our memorial insurance covers you for any vandalism, impact, subsidence, theft and storm damage that may occur whilst your memorial is in place.


With a number of different lettering styles available, it is important to choose the one which best suits your memorial.

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Established in 1810, the Hoare family have been providing their masonry and fabrication skills to the highest level through seven generations and we are very proud of our heritage. Over two hundred years is a long time to hone a craft and this longevity enables us to offer our expertise and advice in all areas of the stone industry.