The word ‘granite’ comes from the Latin word granum which means grain, in reference to its coarse-grained structure. It is an igneous rock that is formed when magma is forced between other rocks in the earth’s crust. It slowly cools over millions of years creating large crystals visible to the unaided eye.

This process makes granite incredibly hard and durable and a perfect option for worktops, floor tiles, building veneer and monuments.

It is mined from all over the world and each comes with its own characteristics and colour.

With modern-day advancements different textures can now be created including polished, honed, brushed and flamed which gives every slab a truly individual and unique style.



Marble is a metamorphic rock that forms when limestone is subjected to intense heat and high pressures. The varieties of colours are consequences of minor amounts of impurities being incorporated with calcite during metamorphism. This gives marble its stunning characteristics and makes it a popular choice for interior designs.



Quartz worktops are a manmade product containing approximately 93% natural quartz and 7% pigments and polymer resin. This blend of materials creates a highly scratch and stain-resistant surface. This makes quartz an ideal choice for kitchen worktops combining practicality with stunning design.



Quartzite is often mistaken for marble due to its delicate veining, similar colouration and patterning, but it is as hard wearing as a granite. Quartzite begins as sandstone, which under a natural process of heat and pressure is fused with quartz crystals to form quartzite. Those seeking a natural look with lots of movement may prefer a quartzite worktop.


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