With a number of different lettering styles available, it is important to choose the one which best suits your memorial. Detailed below is a list of the different types of lettering available and the stones they can be used on.


Suitable for all types of stone
The most popular method of lettering, sandblasting fires a very fine grit at high pressure through a rubber template onto the stone. This versatile method means any font or design can be produced.

Reverse Blast

Ideal for granite
Similar to sandblasting, instead of blasting individual letters, Reverse Blasting removes the background to leave the letters in relief.

Machine Cut

Suitable for marble, limestone and some granite
Created using a machine cutter, letters are consistent throughout with a V-cut finish.

Raised Lead

Suitable for granite and Purbeck stone
Letters are drawn by hand on sheets of paper which are then laid over the stone and drilled in the desired place. The paper is removed and lengths of lead are beaten into the holes to create a key. The paper is then laid back over the lead as a template so that the letters can be carved out by hand, leaving them in relief.

Inlaid Lead

Only suitable for marble
First the letters are either sandblasted or machine cut. They are then drilled to create a key for the lead which is beaten in and finally rubbed to leave a smooth, flush finish.

Hand Cut

Suitable for all types of stone
The most traditional form of lettering. Carved by our specialist craftsmen using only a hammer and chisel, each stone will be unique

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