Granite is one of the hardest and most durable natural stones in the world.

This makes it a perfect option for memorials and requires very little maintenance.

Granite is mined from all over the world and each comes with its own characteristics and colour.



All our marble memorials are sourced from the scenic Carrara mountains in Italy. Its distinctive white colour and grey veining gives the marble its stunning characteristics and makes it a popular choice for headstones.



Nabresina is an imported limestone which is creamy white in colour with a varied shell content. It is a very hard limestone and most suited for churchyards.

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Portland & Purbeck

Both locally quarried in Dorset, these materials have been used widely throughout churchyards and cemeteries for many centuries. Portland is creamy white in colour and Purbeck slightly darker with a larger shell content. Both materials will mellow with age and attract lichen and algae to the surface.


Welsh Slate

We only source monumental quality slate found in the picturesque Horseshoe Pass near Llangollen in North Wales. Welsh slate is one of the finest materials for letter cutting and ornamental carving.

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